ROC Archive Records

ROC Archive Records is a regional record label that signs artists from the four-state region of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All artists must have original artist license to signed materials and have not previously distributed their material to the masses via the Internet. 

The label does not discriminate on genre or art form. The label does not promote hate or hate speech.

We value the significant stories of the individuals, families and groups captured on media in an attempt to validate the artist’s truth and factual to their reality as expressed in art form. ROC Archive Records has worldwide distribution via the Netherlands through and to 200+ service platforms including, but not limited to 7Digital, 8Tracks, Amazon, Audible, Bandcamp, BBC, Beatgasm, Dub Store Sound Inc., EPM, Facebook, Hinote, iTunes, Pandora, Radio France, Shazam, Slacker, Spotify, SoundExchange, Tunes4djs, VEVO and X5 Music

Contact for more information or if you are an artist who is interested in being signed to ROC Archive Records.