ROC Archive

ROC Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit regional audiovisual archive dedicated to the collection, preservation and accessibility of the region’s audiovisual media as an artistic and historical record of our culture and heritage.

The region includes New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The archive focuses on newsreels, home movies, audio recordings, video recordings and all other audiovisual tools and media created to capture the region’s culture.

Our diverse collections feature Kodacolor, Sonochrome, Kodachrome, other safety Kodak film stocks films yet un-inspected in the archive and a plethora of digital born images and access materials.

We also feature a mechanical collection of artifacts and a line of regularly engineered machines for transfers we are working with others in our community in support of media preservation.

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  1. Hello,
    I attended your presentation last year at Rochester Genealogy Society and kept your card. I have some home movies from early 1950s, 8mm as well as a vintage cartoon film. I have not had them reformatted yet but willing to donate to you after that is done if you want them.
    The movies are from NYC and York, PA.
    I also have the vintage 8mm projector and movie camera if you are interested.
    Lynn Watnik

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for contacting us. I am the website coordinator and will forward this to Glenn. Sorry about the delay, you are the first person to use this new comment feature so I wasn’t watching it as much as I should. Your offer sounds wonderful to me and I’m sure Glenn will get back to you quickly after I get it to him.

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